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pe bible exercisesPenis Enlargement Bible Exercises and Supplements

It’s our mission to make penis enlargement accessible and straight forward for men wanting to add a few inches to their penis.  I’ve thus far focused on three tools to help you accomplish this (those being SizeGenetics, Penomet, and Male Extra).  A few months ago a buddy of mine (Jay) clued me into the Penis Enlargement Bible by Dr. John Collins (you can read his PE Bible review here).

It’s safe to say that I don’t advocate or endorse the use of very many programs out there – mainly because they’re mostly crap, but nothing could be further from the truth with the PE Bible.  Since I’ve been busy and pretty happy with my continued program I enlisted the help of  Markus, a solid dude that was a total PE virgin.  He wanted to test out new products in the hopes of going from the average dicked to stallion category.  Markus started using the PE Bible system on January 8th, 2017.  Below are his results up to August 24th, 2017 – a full 8+ months.

His routine was straight forward:

  • Follow the system to the letter (with the exception of missing a total of 2 weeks due to unforeseen circumstances).
  • 5 days on 2 days off.
  • The full list of supplements taken daily.

PE Bible Results Pictures


Pe Bible Review

Markus before Penis Enlargement Bible photo. Penis size: 7 inches in length by 5.25 inches in girth.


Penis Enlargement Bible by John Collins

Markus after following the Penis Enlargement Bible program. Penis size: 8.5 inches in length by 6.3 inches in girth.

“I’d never done anything related to penis enlargement before and was skeptical when we first started this excperinet.  Now looking back I’m kicking myself for not starting this years ago. It’s made a huge diffrence in my confidence, sex life and my overall self image. Thanks for talking me into it.” – Markus

 Before and After Measurements

before and after PE Bible

Starting measurements: 

  • Length: 7 inches erect.
  • Girth: 5.25 inches erect.

Measurements after 8 months of use:

  • Length: 8.5 inches erect.
  • Girth: 6.30 inches erect.

Total Gains:

  • 1.5 inches in length.
  • 1.05 inches in girth.

The diagram illustrates how big of a difference that kind of gain makes:

penis size comparison

How Does PE Bible Work?

Watch this video as Dr. Collins explains it all:

So if you didn’t watch the video, basically the system is designed to put your penis into the state it was in during puberty.   This is a state of accelerated growth and increased blood flow.  As you perform the specialized set of exercises to increase the size of your dick the supplements are creating an environment in which the body responds by sending the right chemicals to trigger penile growth.  It’s the perfect mixture of biomechanics (workout a muscle and it will grow) and biochemistry (send the right hormones, proteins, and chemicals to a muscle and it will grow even faster).

Four Added Bonus of Using Penis Enlargement Bible

  1. Obviously the added inches on your manhood.
  2. Cure and prevent erectile dysfunction. Seriously, increased blood flow and oxygen will prevent and revitalize your penis.
  3. Straightens your penis. Corrects penile curvature.
  4. Massive boost in sex drive.  Harder erections and increased libido are reported in just about every review of this program.
  5. Huge ego/self-esteem booster.  Most guys I know with small or averaged sized endowments are timider and less secure than the men that are simply well endowed and proud.

My Concluding Thoughts and Personal PE Bible Review

After reading the e-book and trying out the workout routine for myself I can endorse this product with confidence. Not only do I have first-hand confirmation that it works, but after being in the PE industry for so long I know what works and what doesn’t.  The exercises are top notch and even without the supplements would help any man add some length and girth. Add in the supplements to trigger that biochemical reaction and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.

Pro’s of using this program:

  1. Easy to understand and follow.
  2. Sucess is guaranteed. You’ll be able to add 1.5 inches or more.
  3. Noticeable results with in the first 30 days.
  4. They offer a no questions asked money back guarantee.
  5. It’s extremely affordable (on sale for under $50).
  6. Better overall sexual health and well-being.
  7. The increase in sex-drive and erectile strength is great and saves you money on other pills or blood flow boosters.

Con’s of using it:

  1. Lackluster design. It’s an e-book (but with golden information).
  2. If you don’t like taking supplements or swallowing pills you may not enjoy yourself.
  3. Takes commitment.

Get Your Copy Today and Start Adding Inches and Enjoying a Bigger, Better, Healthier Penis

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