How to Last Longer in Bed

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How to Last Longer in Bed

How to last longer in bed for men

Stamina in the bedroom is a topic of discussion and concern for both men and women. How men perform sexually defines a portion of their masculinity and ability to please their partner. No pressure there!

Stress, anxiety, lack of know-how and experience can all be contributing factors to premature ejaculation, or lack of stamina. We’re going to cover a handful of ways that allow you to maximize how long you can last in bed. Following these steps will help you become a bedroom rock star.

Remember lasting longer isn’t about watching the clock and accumulating hours between the sheets. Spending a long time in the sack is not the same as having sexual stamina. What it’s about is having the control to make the experience last as long as you and your partner want it to last.

Keep in mind there are times when a five-minute quickie is just as desirable as an all-nighter. The point is: With control and stamina, You have the power to choose.

First thing’s first. Your penis and it’s role in sex:

how to last longer in bed for men
Your main man isn’t the problem. Everything starts in your head (your brain). Stimulation, both mental and physical send chemical messages to the penis resulting in increased blood flow and erections.

Here’s a fun fact: the average guy stays hard for 3 – 7 minutes. May not seem like a lot when you’re ready to buckle down for a marathon throw down, but studies show that the average women prefers sex (intercourse) to last between 5-15 minutes. So you may not have very far to go to shore up those numbers. With that said, control during sex and stamina is the difference between being a one hit wonder and a rock star.

There are several techniques you can use to increase your sexual stamina. With that said, issues in the bedroom are more often related to psychological points like: anxiety, self esteem, guilt etc. There may also be a physical problem or possibly a combination of both. If you’re having issues on either level, it never hurts to talk to your Doctor. Otherwise, read on!

We’re going to cover the following points based on the most frequently asked questions from those asking how to last longer in bed for men naturally:

  1. How to last longer in bed exercises
  2. How to last longer in bed pills
  3. How to last longer in bed naturally
  4. How to last longer in bed video

Simple Tips to Last Longer in Bed for Guys:

How to last longer in bed exercises:

Start Doing PC exercises! Your PC or pubococcygeus muscles  is the closest thing that men have to a legitimate sex muscle (your penis is an organ). Your PC muscle is located between the anus the scrotum.

Benefits of PC exercises:

  • Lead pipe erections. The stronger the PC the harder your erections will be.
  • Prevents Erectile Dysfunction. Who doesn’t want to avoid that?
  • Drastically improves your ability to stay harder, longer. No pills needed.
  • Improves ejaculation control. It will end premature ejaculation.
  • Ever had a multiple orgasms? It’s possible for men with strong PC muscles.

Finding the PC muscle:
1. Place your finger between your scrotum and anus. Imagine that you are urinating and have to stop mid-stream.

2. As you stop, or go through the motion you should notice a small muscle contracting between your anus and scrotum. Those muscles are the PC muscles. These are what we’re going to practice flexing and contracting at lease 100 or so times a day. More on that below. Please note, do not do these exercises when you’re peeing.

How to last longer in bed exercise

How to last longer in bed exercises

Week 1-2:

  1. Your first two weeks are easy. Just flex that muscle at least 100 times 7 days a week. No one can see you do it (or at lease they shouldn’t be able to if you’re doing it right). You can do it in a meeting, watching TV, wherever.
  2. When performing the flex, try not to use your abs. They are very separate muscles and using your abs will take away from it’s effectiveness.

How to last longer in bed guide for men

Week 3-4:

  1. Time to mix things up a little. Twice a day flex the muscle 10 times, rest for 10-20 seconds and repeat 10 times.
  2. Next flex it and hold for a 5 count, rest for a 5 count then repeat 10 times.
  3. Flex 200 times throughout the day in addition to the above.
  4. Do this everyday.

How to last longer in bed exercise guide

Week 5 – forever:

  1. Before you get out of bed, do the PC flex and release you’ve been doing everyday for the last 4 weeks as many times as you can for 2 minutes.
  2. Rest for a 30 seconds to a minute then flex and hold it for as long as you can. The goal is to hold it for 2 minutes. Rest for a minute and repeat 4 times. Once you hit the 2 min mark, you’ll know you have a strong PC muscle. The other way to tell is if you’re able to make your penis bob around. The more it bob’s and dances around, the stronger you are.

*Note: This is the same thing really as doing Kegels.

How to last longer in bed pills:

Sorry guys, this isn’t really a thing. There is no pill that will stop you from having an orgasm prematurely, but some may help. There are pills out there that will keep you harder longer. The obvious Viagra and Cialis solutions require a prescription, or you can always get them from manufactures in India at your own risk.

If you don’t want to fork over that much cash and don’t want to go to the doctor, then try Male Extra. It helps make your penis hold more blood and produces longer, harder erections. Basically it makes your dick bigger looking and hard as a rock.

how to make dick bigger with pills How to last longer in bed men

For more information, see here.

Other Herbal Supplements:

There are many herbs that have been shown promise in aiding men last longer in bed. Most of these calm your nerves and increase your libido and include:

  • Pomegranate
  • Peruvian ginseng
  • Kava
  • 5-flavor berry
  • Withania somnifera
  • Linden flower
  • Himalayan goji berry

Other Herbal Supplements to Help You Last Longer in Bed:

How to last longer in bed and stay hard

How to last longer in bed naturally

First things first guys, it’s time to get your fitness on! Doing 30 minutes of moderate to high intensity exercises at least 3 times per week will increase blood flow to your penis. Do anything for 30 minutes that makes you sweat. All you need to 30 minutes of sweating and you’ll notice a big difference in how your penis looks. You’ll even look more hung with the increase circulation.

Fun fact: Men who exercise regularly have 30% more sex and 26% more orgasms. Heck yah! Men who are also 7 inches plus in length and 6 inches in girth report having longer lasting more fulfilling relationships and better overall sexual satisfaction. Via The Best Sex of Your Life

How to last longer in bed naturally additional tips:

How to last longer in bed naturally

  1. Lose that belly. Your penis will look bigger, you’ll have more energy and more free testosterone!
  2. Use it or lose it! The more erections you have, the more you’ll have and the stronger they will be. Seriously. Use it often.
  3. Self love. The key here is love. Take your time and edge a little. If you feel you’re going to go off too quickly, relax and let yourself build up some discipline.
  4. Stop drinking so much and don’t smoke. Both alcohol and smoking kill your penis and lead to erectile dysfunction over time. Ask yourself if that smoke or beer is worth your manhood??? Nope. No it isn’t.
  5. If you go off to quickly, use a desensitizing cream before you put on a condom.
  6. Some condoms have it already as apart of the package. Shop around.
  7. Most importantly: Relax. It’s really easy to lose your hard-on or go off too quickly when you’re nervous. You may have body image issues, or some bad experiences. Just try to relax and remember that your partner is probably nervous as well. If you can’t calm down and relax, or have a great deal of anxiety, talk to your doctor about cognitive behavioral therapy. It works in about 90% of cases. It may be better than any of the other advice given here, or anywhere for that matter.

How to last longer in bed – Pro Tips:

  • Don’t be a selfish lover. Focus on your partner! You can make her reach climax first and that takes a lot of pressure off you and makes you look like a champ in her eyes.
  • Pay attention to your partner. Note their erotic spots.
  • Take your time with foreplay. It takes the average women around 11 minutes to become fully aroused. So don’t rush foreplay.
  • Tell them how you feel. No need to be a poet, or a pig. Keep it simple and sexy.
  • Never assume or take something for granted.
  • Talk about it/ Communicate. Always ask for permission before you do something, especially something new.

last longer in bed a guide for men