How to Grow Your Dick

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How to Grow Your Dick

How to grow your dick: Step-by-step guide

Use this simple guide to grow the size of your penis safely and effectively:

Follow the “how to grow your dick” guide and you can expect the following results in 3 months.

  1.  A 30% increase in the size of your penis. That is like going from 5 inches to 7 inches.
  2. A thicker, fuller member. Your penis will not only grow in length, but girth as well. You can expect a 1 to 2 ratio in girth. So for every 2 inches of length you gain, you will gain approximately 1+ inch of girth.
  3.  You’re penis will hang lower and thicker in a flaccid state. As you increase the size of your penis, it will get bigger when erect and soft.
  4.  Stronger erections, better sex. Your erections will become harder and orgasms become more intense the stronger the organ gets.

Getting a big penis

How to grow your dick by 3 inches

Thanks to Mike J for submitting his result to the site! Awesome gains, Mike.

To get a big penis you will need the following:

Note: Yes it comes at a cost. No it is not a lot, and Yes if you’re not happy you get a full refund, no questions asked. Not to worry though, you will be happy with a bigger dick.

  1. You need the SizeGenetics traction device. For more information on it and how/why it works Go HERE.
  2. You need to be consistent. Seriously, you don’t go to the gym randomly twice a month and expect results. The same goes for penis enlargement. Be Consistent! Use it as instructed.
  3. Take an accurate measurement before you start and every two weeks after. You will love the results and will be able to track them.
  4. Do a little Jelquing, or try Male Extra (more information available HERE) in order to get extra blood flowing to your organ. This is optional, but will help speed up the process. The key to most muscle and tissue recovery/growth is making sure the cells are getting oxygenated and receive the proper nutrients. Blood carries all of that to the tissue, so the more, the better.

How to grow a bigger dick: Remember the following:

Even before you begin to see results form your efforts and the SG system, you’ll likely be tempted to go a little longer, or stretch it a little harder. Don’t! Safety and patience is critical for several reasons:

  1. Safety. Like weight lifting or any kind of training, it is easy to hurt yourself if you over do it. Unlike other forms of training, if you really hurt the soft tissue of the penis, it can develop scar tissue that will bend and curve it. No one wants that, so do not go crazy. Listen to your body. It should not be painful or even uncomfortable.
  2. Do not cut off circulation. You will notice that the glands (penis head) will get fairly red as you use the device, that’s fine, but if you notice it turning dark red, or purple, loosen thing up and let the circulation come back. Slapping it gently on your leg or hands normally does the trick without getting an erection.
  3. If you notice red spots or darker spots on the head or shaft, give yourself a break for a few days to a week. What you’ve done is burst some blood vessels and you need to give them time to heal. Remember to start out slow and week after week increase the traction.

The key to this is to let the penis grow bigger naturally. Do not try and force or speed up the process by over doing it. If you do you’ll get the exact opposite effect.

How to Grow Your Dick quickly

Side note: if you do over do it slightly, do not be surprised if you see discoloration and a loss of size. Both are temporary. When the penis is hurt the tendons naturally tighten and retract a portion of the organ back. As it heals and you slowly stretch it, you’ll get it all back and then some.

That’s it my friend. That is literally all you need to know to answer the age old question of how to grow your dick. Thanks to SizeGenetics, it isn’t difficult, it’s guaranteed and backed by some of the largest medical authorities on the planet.

How to grow a bigger dick – Pro tip:

The one thing that can be a little confusing when first using the device is knowing how much traction you should start with. Too little and you see gains, too much and you’ll hurt yourself. Here’s a simple way to determine how much to use: In a flaccid state, take your penis and stretch it. Add 1 centimeter to that and that is where you stop the device. So 1 centimeter above a stretch. Don’t over stretch. Remember the key is to be consistent, not super man. It is not a contest. If you stick to it and do it properly, you’ll win by adding at least a couple of inches to your manhood in less time than it takes for a season to change. There you have it, that’s how to grow your dick safely and effectively.

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How to Grow Your Dick safely

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