How to Get a Bigger Dick Naturally

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How to get a bigger dick naturally

How to naturally make your dick bigger

We cover a number of was to naturally make your dick bigger on this site, but for all the penis enhancement methods available on the market they all boil down to five central topics. Below, is all that currently exists on how to get a bigger dick naturally. We’ll go through the level of effectiveness for each method.

How to get a bigger dick naturally – In order of effectiveness:

1. Specialized penile traction device (SizeGenetics)
2. Penis pumps (Penomet)
3. Penis enhancement surgery
4. Manual penis exercises (Penis Health)
5. Penis pills (Male Extra)

How to enlarge your dick naturally the safe and easy way

How to get a bigger dick naturally and safely Using a specialized traction device is by far the most effective form of penile enlargement you will ever come across until science can manipulate our genes.

If you’re starting out with an inadequate manhood and want to be long and thick then do this! It’s not unlike working out. If your muscles are weak, you lift weights and force them to grow. Same principles apply to using a penis device. With proper, evenly distributed traction applied throughout the penis, the cells that comprise the soft tissue of the penis develop micro-tears, forcing the cells to divide and replicate. This leads to the development of a longer, thicker penis.

Like weight lifting, making your dick bigger naturally takes a little time and consistency. You’re also advised to use the correct level of traction, otherwise you risk injury. It’d be like lifting too much weight and pulling something.

The SG device is designed to safely add up-to 3 inches on your dick and improve your penile health in as little as 3 months. It is also the only medical board approved device to guarantee your results. No other form of penis enlargement can or will compare. No other company is certified and has the case studies and clinical trails with board approved backing to offer this very real promise. You will grow longer, thicker and harder with this.

How to naturally make your dick bigger – Some results

How to Get a Bigger Dick Naturally review

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How to make my dick bigger naturally – Hydro-pumps

When you look at a pump to make your dick bigger naturally, you should only be looking at hydro-pumps and of the two on the market you should strongly consider Penomet (it works 65% faster than Bathmate).

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Why Hydro-pumps for penile enhancement over regular vacuum or air pumps? Simple:

1. Safety
2. Results
3. Gains

Penomet uses water to ensure even distribution of pressure along your penis. This ensures everything grows at the same rate, whereas air pumps create uneven pressure and can cause internal scarring leaving you with oddly shaped junk.

The system they’ve designed allows to you safely gain massive girth, in as little time as possible. Which brings me to a note: This device is best used to make you thicker (gain penile girth). You’ll gain some length, but you’ll see great gains in girth. Girth takes longer to develop than length but this is the ultimate shortcut. Penomet will make your dick thicker in record time.

Expect to gain 1-2 inches of girth in 3 months. That’s a massive gain. In fact, here’s a comparison:

naturally make your dick bigger

How can you make your dick bigger naturally – The wrong way:

We’ve covered the best or most effective two ways to make your dick bigger naturally, now let’s quickly review the methods you’re best to avoid.

How to get a bigger dick naturally – Penile enhancement surgery

How to get a bigger dick naturally surgery

Phalloplasty before and after via:

Three factors should deter you from going this route:
1. Cost. The average cost is $15,000, with the low end being around 10k and the higher end exceeding 20k.
2. Results. The most you’ll gain is 2 inches, but the clinical average is just short of an inch. That’s pretty sad results after so much time, money and risk.
3. Recovery and safety. Recovery time is 6-8 weeks minimum and safety is a huge concern. You have all the standard risks of being put under and operated on with the added complication of loosing your ability to get a hard-on for the rest of your life.

Surgery is just not worth the risk, or money.

How to get a bigger dick naturally – Manual penis exercises

how can you make your dick bigger naturally Penis exercises have been around for thousands of years (literally), but over the last decade they’ve really taken off as an all-in-one penis enlargement solution. Make no mistake, there are some advantages and they do work over a very long period of time, but they’ve been made ineffective with recent advancements in hydro-pump and traction devices.

Manual exercises are great when done in conjunction with the top two methods. Otherwise you will have to wait years to see any real results.

If you’re still interested in exercises check out Penis Health.

Note: Penis Health comes with the SizeGenetics system as well HERE.

How to get a bigger dick naturally – Penis Pillsnaturally make your dick bigger

Like manual exercises, penis pills should be used in conjunction with other methods to increase blood flow and accelerate results. The drawback is that there are so many bad pills on the market that won’t do anything for you.

Out of all the pills tested, none can permanently ensure gains, but there is one that has proven to blast results when used with Penomet and SizeGenetics. By dramatically increasing blood flow to the penis, you not only get a fuller, healthier dick, you help the growth process and cut down recovery time between sessions with the other devices.

Use Male Extra to get the best results and get the added bonus of looking more hung right away.

Note: is totally possible to get a bigger dick without pills.