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About Me

Hey, Jon here. Starting 5 x 5 (ish). After 1 year (5 times a week): 8.7 x 7.

Pretty simple. I did it, so can you.

Easy How To’s was founded in 2007 by Jon and Kelsey Underwood (I’m on the left. Kelsey is tragically shy…so no photos) with the hope and commitment to make it easy to find simple solutions to often confusing and difficult questions.

In this particular case we created this site to help men from around the world answer one loaded question: How to increase the size of their penis safely and effectively, without the need to go under the knife. With so much information online, so many rabbit holes to fall into and so many useless, or misleading products, we were tired of it and made the decision to research, test and finally create what you see

My personal results before and after

Semi erected before on the left. Fully erect after on the right. It took one year to achieve, what I consider this minor miracle. Huge confidence gain, words cannot describe.

before you. We took a year to research and, -much like

Tim Shaw from the BBC- got our male team members to try the latest in penis enlargement technology. What you will find here, are the results of their efforts.

The products we recommend have worked for us, so they should work for you and you can go forward in life secure in your masculinity and male prowess with a big schlong swinging between your legs.

I put myself on here because of my personal success and to show you that you can do it.  It just takes a little a time and commitment, but the payoff, man the payoff is beyond worth it. Total self esteem makeover and your sex life will explode.

All the best in your penis enlargement goals! You can and will succeed!

– Jon Underwood (8.7 x 7)


Need more info? Feel free to contact me/us from our Contact Page here or mail us.

It’s faster to send us a request through our contact page, but snail mail is fine, just please allow for a couple weeks for a reply. Thank you.

Easy How To’s
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